Self Portrait

Self Portrait
Holly Pepper

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Currently I am undertaking an internship in Utrecht, Netherlands with the renowned design team consisting of Tejo Remy + Rene Veenhuizen. Through this blog I plan to document my design experience in Holland.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Art Trail Exhibition Online

I am currently a Perth based visual artist. I work from a studio space at the Midland Atelier. Generally I work with creating three-dimensional works. However,

Over the past couple of years I have lead a pretty transient lifestyle. Working on painting and a drawing has meant I can express my artistic creativities anywhere around the globe. I simply role it up and stick it in the backpack and bring it back to my home-town to exhibit.

 Through my travels I have developed a fascination with photographing the interesting textural qualities of different rock surfaces. Generally I print these photographs out and develop artwork concept sketchs or on some occasions I just let loose on the canvas.


Through the reinterpretation of the rock surfaces into strong lines, shape and colours, often new and abstract images appear. The works are full of hidden surprises, after hours of sitting around in the lounge room watching these abstract works, different people spot different abstract figures and forms within my works. So I label my works as abstract narratives, if such a classification exists.


Anyway, Thanks for viewing my works in Art Trail 2009. Have fun spotting faces and figures.

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Midland Atelier

Midland Atelier
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The Floor Mat
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