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Self Portrait
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Currently I am undertaking an internship in Utrecht, Netherlands with the renowned design team consisting of Tejo Remy + Rene Veenhuizen. Through this blog I plan to document my design experience in Holland.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let there be light in Movember

Things have been a bit quite on the Blog front. Well let me explain... I literally feel like I have been working like a factory laborer in China. My hands are all blistered up and strengthening up with some nice callouses. The old industrial scissors are a little archaic to cut up endless meters of Brick Strapping for the sculpture by the sea submission. I think it is pretty humbling as a designer to be subjected to working like a slave on your own project. It means that I have a massive appreciation for people with hand skills and it also means that probably in future I won't be so ambitious when it comes to designing pretty pictures on the computer... because when it comes to the real deal it is a damn sight harder to create.
Luckily I have a very talented Dad who has saved me from RSI and blistering hands. Last week he came up with some more mechanised methods to cut all the plastic strips up. A pair of electric metal shears turned upside down and modified with a few guides has become my saviour.

So it is for this reason there is light at the end of the tunnel this Movember!

To perk things up even further good old Deal extreme is coming through with the goods. A set of LED flexible strip lights just arrived. I am planning on making my Sculptural piece a lit night time sculpture. However, tonight I just rigged it up to the old car battery only to be blinded by light!

On the Sustainable Exhibition design front. Well this week has been the tedious end of year clean up at Iona's Art Department. On my travels I came across a old box of test tubes which Lisa brought in a few weeks ago from a gara
ge sale. I stuck them in the kiln and fused these tubes together but at a temperature which enabled the glass to maintain it's shape and came up with a pretty exciting design idea... I will see were it goes in the next couple of weeks. 

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