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Self Portrait
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Currently I am undertaking an internship in Utrecht, Netherlands with the renowned design team consisting of Tejo Remy + Rene Veenhuizen. Through this blog I plan to document my design experience in Holland.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dutch Illiteracy

For the past week I have been experiencing being illiterate. Putting little to no effort in prior to leaving for the Netherlands, I have been greeted by a sea of Dutch words, plastering advertisements billboards, signage, newspaper and shopping isles. I have resorted to shopping from pictures.

Friday afternoon I thought I would do the housemately thing. Invest in a carton of beer + a jumbo size pack of toilet paper. Everything you ever needed for an exciting weekend! Anyway, wobbled home, with beer balanced on the back bike rack and the toilet paper in hand

It came time to crack one, so I sat down to my nice jumbo pack, ruffled open the plastic packaging only to find a JUMBO package of absorbent paper towel. Sadly I haven’t got an arse the size of an absorbent paper towel piece that would compensate for this stuff up.

Instead I am considering whisking the package into the kitchen pantry in anticipation of my ‘weekly fry up.’

The experience was very humbling and has given me the kick to start working through the 101 of Dutch language.

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  1. Haha, and it's so simple, the Dutch word for toilet paper is toilet papier... almost equal... ;)


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